Directors of Toughness // SHOWRUNNER & PRODUCER

I was hired as the Season 2 show-runner, where I broke the show's story, format, and season arc. The Columbia's Directors of Toughness Season Two campaign was a roaring success with over 200 million impressions and 10 million views. 

We dropped our talent in -20 degree weather in the Yukon, had them bike through 120-degree heat in death valley, forced them past volcano vents in Russia, and asked them nicely to run a sixty miles over the Andes.


The show proved once and for all that Columbia's Outdoor Gear is #testedtough. 

Each episode provided millions of impressions on Columbia's distribution channels and was a primary source of photo and story content across all Columbia's Social Media platforms for an entire year.


Special thanks to Scott Trepanier and Doug Williams. The only thing better than Columbia's gear is their people.

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